m-u-t delivers reliable measurement technology for online analysis of substances in agricultural crops

Through over 20 years of experience, we have developed hardware and software solutions, allowing you to optimise your yield

We shed light and help you to really find out about the quality of your crop

Online soil sensors - find out what is really needed

Know the nutrient content of your soil before sowing

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the field of optical measurement systems we at m-u-t are the experts for NIR sensor technology. We are OEM partner with passion. At m-u-t, people with real expertise in agricultural practice are developing individual products for each of our customers - tailored to the respective requirements. m-u-t offers a variety of solutions, e.g. for milk and ration analysis or options for the analysis of farm manure and slurry. Additionally, we develop new methods for soil and plant analysis. m-u-t has gained unique experience in the customer-specific development and series production of sensor technology in many different industries. In the field of agricultural technology alone, we have already developed and produced over 700 individual solutions for our customers.


Agriculture is in our Blood

It is easy to answer why we are the perfect development partner for you: We life agriculture. Thanks to our experience, we are one of the most renowned NIR sensor suppliers and developers. Early on, the importance of accurate analysis and detection of ingredients in organic fertilizers, crops, soil or milk has driven us to advance research in the field of optical measurement technology. Today, m-u-t is therefore able to offer fully developed products that meet your requirements. Above all, our measurement technology stands for the future of agriculture in harmony with nature. With NIRS technology, we actively protect the environment. Based on nutrient measurements in the crop, we enable farmers and contractors to optimize cultivation planning and gain precise knowledge about nutrient removal. By analyzing manure and slurry, m-u-t supports farmers in fertilizing their land in a precise and environmentally friendly manner - for a fertilizer application according to demand and in compliance with all legal requirements. Our measuring technology for feed mixers ensures precise analysis of the ration - enabling processing companies to achieve better feed intake and more animal welfare. We provide farmers around the world with soil sensors to optimize growth conditions and sowing times. Convince yourself - we represent the agriculture of the future.

Why m-u-t?

We know the industry for many years and have already been involved in numerous projects. All our products are based on an optimal combination of technology and individual customization. At m-u-t you will not get a standard product. Each sensor is developed specifically for your requirements. We can rely on our many years of expertise and a team of highly motivated developers, enabling us to further improve, optimize and adapt existing technology. Together with our customers, we develop successful concepts. The strength of our work: We are agile and creative. At m-u-t not only sensors are developed but also complete solutions. We believe that a good sensor integrates smoothly into an existing system, making the farmer's work a little easier every day. Whatever questions or requirements you may have as an OEM customer, m-u-t translates them into innovative technologies and generates applications offering measurable success to your customers - for your market advantage.


The extra plus in Safety

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond that. The serial production of your individual customer products ensures 100% safety for you, as we provide complete ERP documentation in accordance with ISO 9001 and certified quality management. Consequently, m-u-t only works with certified suppliers and all purchased goods are subject to quality control. We have specially trained employees to produce your sensors. This ensures that every manufactured product is thoroughly checked. And our service does not end here - we remain your competent partner for all service issues even after delivery, including spare parts, risk analyses, climate tests and much more. After all, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please contact us for more information on our working principles.


Your advantages at one glance:

  • - Many years of experience
  • - Development partner with practical knowledge
  • - Customized solutions
  • - Complete ERP documentation & certified quality management
  • - All-round carefree service


Fertilization 2.0

Fertilization 2.0