m-u-t delivers reliable measurement technology for online analysis of substances in agricultural crops

Through over 20 years of experience, we have developed hardware and software solutions, allowing you to optimise your yield

We shed light and help you to really find out about the quality of your crop

Online soil sensors - find out what is really needed

Know the nutrient content of your soil before sowing

Demand-oriented Liquid Manure Application

Would you like to do more? If our NIRS sensor is combined with the appropriate plant or soil sensor, liquid manure application is possible not only on a nutrient-oriented basis, but even on a demand-oriented basis. This means that farmers and contractors can easily meet increased requirements - that is fertilization 2.0.


How does the interaction work?

The plant sensor measures the chlorophyll content of the plants and thus analyzes how much nitrogen the crop needs. The optimum amount of fertilizer can then be calculated on the basis of previously defined minimum and maximum values for N, P and K. The NIRS sensor in the slurry tank also records the nutrient values of the organic fertilizer. With ISOBUS it is thus possible to apply exactly the amount of fertilizer that the crop requires. This precision can be exceeded even further if soil maps are stored, which indicate the yield potential and the nitrogen replenishment. This is the future of fertilization.


Your advantages at one glance:

  • - Combined with plant or soil sensors for even more precision
  • - Demand-oriented fertilization
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