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A qualitative and quantitative assessment of the nutrients in liquid manure, solid and liquid digestate and other fermentation products in the spreading of fertiliser according to requirements, plants and the environment, which not only increases the nutrient efficiency, but also for documentation purposes contains the report data for the fertiliser ordinance report (DüV).


Since June 2015, our new NIRS online measuring system has been available as a series product. For its development, we worked together with well-known companies in the industry and at an early stage in field use we involved the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and the Chambers of Agriculture.

Benefits for the customer:

A real-time measurement – either permanently installed in a stall or on a liquid manure silo or used portably on a hopper or nutrient station, on trucks or spreaders, whether as a manure-fuelled self-propelled transporter or manure tanker which is pulled along – enables the user to an agronomically optimised, fertiliser ordinance report compliant, site-specific nutrient application. This means that a greater precision in fertiliser planning, cost reduction and revenue optimisation can be achieved, and at the same time compliance with the statutory requirements for field and site-specific spreading and documentation.


m-u-t online nutrient measurement awarded by DLG

The m-u-t NIR speedspy onboard manure measures ingredients like ammoniacal nitrogen, potassium oxide, phosphorus pentoxide and solid matter in different kind of manure. At this years´s Agritechnica m-u-t has been awarded for it´s OEM products with the DLG APPROVED ´Precision of NIR sensors for the determination of ingredients in passing commercial fertilizer of animal origin and liquid fermentation substances´. The DLG certification is awarded for agricultural products and stands for highest product quality.m-u-t supplies  large liquid manure technology manufacturers with the NIR speedspy onboard manure in Europe and the USA which integrate it into their products and sell it under it´s own name.

With intelligent optical measurement technology, m-u-t offers optimal solutions for OEM customers in the agricultural, industrial and medical sectors. Contact us!

DLG certification 6796

NIR Analyse in der Güllemesstechnik-1