m-u-t delivers reliable measurement technology for online analysis of substances in agricultural crops

Through over 20 years of experience, we have developed hardware and software solutions, allowing you to optimise your yield

We shed light and help you to really find out about the quality of your crop

Online soil sensors - find out what is really needed

Know the nutrient content of your soil before sowing


Results are beneficial in real time for determining the quality of supplied material, for feed analysis as well as for the determination of harvest time. A measuring device must be able to withstand the rigours of use in the field.


The portable NIR measuring device developed by m-u-t can be used at any time or place, thanks to its robust design. By using this optical measuring method it’s possible to carry out up to 20 measurements per minute, at no extra cost. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, measurements can be carried out without any special expertise. Depending on the application, it’s possible to create calibrations for diverse applications.

Benefits for the customer:

With help from the robust, network-independent design, answers to a wide variety of questions can be given immediately on-site. Thus rendering a time-consuming laboratory analysis unnecessary.

Mobiles NIR Labor für Echtzeitmessung