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QSP1) is capable of detecting bacteria and toxins – qualitatively as well as quantitatively, very fast and with a low detection threshold.

Industrial production of foods has brought a lot of good. However, it also contains risk. With ever increasing quantities meeting quality levels especially for bacteria and toxins becomes still more important. Smallest quantities of bacteria or toxins can destroy huge charges of foods or primary products. At the earliest possible time contamination or other quality issues need to be detected in order to prevent further processing or mixing with non-contaminated goods.

The detection of contamination has displayed until now a large challenge. Up to now, this could only be realized by time-consuming and expensive laboratory tests. m-u-t presents the patented QSP procedure and thus has developed a possibility to detected contamination like bacteria (legionella), viruses, toxins, etc. in liquids or gases within a very short time frame. The procedure is suitable for at-line as well as automated on-line measurement in industrial processes.

If you are facing a measurement task where QSP might be suitable, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialized on application-specific solutions of measurement tasks jointly with you. You are the expert on your application; we contribute technology- and realization competence. We produce the products according to highest quality standards and manage the whole life cycle for you. 


1) QSP: Quantitative highest Sensitivity Particle measurement

QSP in the agricultural