Besides producing custom solutions for well-known customers in many industries, m-u-t also makes products under its own name for many high-tech markets such as spectroscopy, laboratory automation or early fire detection.

The prerequisite for the development and production of quality, sophisticated products is competent employees with a willingness to work with all due flexibility in an interdisciplinary team.

m-u-t relies on highly qualified engineers who are specialists in the field of optical technology and microelectronics. This broad expertise enables flexible solutions - specially adapted to the needs of the customer.

In addition to product development, m-u-t also manufactures the products at their site in Wedel, Germany and delivers them as a complete solution to customers worldwide. The close links between development and production make the project work very efficiently and new products can be quickly realised. In addition, know-how is kept in-house throughout the entire course of the project, meaning that confidential customer projects are in safe hands.

There are many successful customer-specific developments and series productions in the fields of spectroscopy/sensors, laboratory automation/medical technology and early fire detection that are carried out in collaboration with well-known companies. These include systems used for dry matter determination and compositional analysis used in the agricultural sector, sensor systems for the cleaning of endoscopes and infrared camera systems for early fire detection in the waste management or petrochemical industries.

Experience gained during projects can be transferred for use in new applications, as long as it is agreed with the customer. Products have been developed in this way which are now sold as standard products worldwide.

It goes without saying that m-u-t is also a reliable partner for after-sales and service - for all products in the market.