ARTUS Early Fire Detection is optimised for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions

Through over 20 years of experience, m-u-t has developed hardware and software for early fire detection and fire prevention

Early fire detection to determine a potential hazard

ARTUS-Ex allows for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Act rather than react - detect temperature abnormalities at an early stage

LWIR Systems are ideal for a variety of applications

The waste incineration plant operated by Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich (ERZ) specialises in the extraction of heat and energy

LWIR thermography measures the surface temperature of the object being monitored and can detect heat build-up

The basic ARTUS early fire detection module detects a potential hazard. This optional module extension determines the precise location information of embers and can respond in a targeted manner. The process is simply stored on the ‘extinguishing process’ server. The ‘extinguishing process’ server is designed for various fire monitor (water cannon) manufacturers. Tell us the name of your fire monitor manufacturer and we’ll make sure to perfectly integrate it.

Even standard extinguishing systems such as sprinkler systems can be triggered precisely, section by section.