ARTUS Early Fire Detection is optimised for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions

Through over 20 years of experience, m-u-t has developed hardware and software for early fire detection and fire prevention

Early fire detection to determine a potential hazard

ARTUS-Ex allows for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Act rather than react - detect temperature abnormalities at an early stage

LWIR Systems are ideal for a variety of applications

The waste incineration plant operated by Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich (ERZ) specialises in the extraction of heat and energy

LWIR thermography measures the surface temperature of the object being monitored and can detect heat build-up

First infrared fire detection system with laser distance measurement and VdS recognition.

The IGNIS3D IR camera units have been certified by the VdS under recognition number G 220008.

IGNIS3D fulfils more than the requirements of the VdS 3189 directive for the design and installation of IR camera units for temperature monitoring in fire protection. Instead of static 3D space detection, hotspots that move on the optical axis of the infrared camera are also measured precisely. Thanks to the unique dynamic 3D measurement, hotspots can also be evaluated and prioritized in their potential danger.

The aim of VdS directive 3189 is:

Due to local and operational characteristics, it may be useful to use IR camera units in addition to fire detection in accordance with VdS 2095 or DIN VDE 0833-2, in particular for the temperature monitoring of surfaces. This way, temperature abnormalities, e.g. in the form of temperature gradients, can be reacted to at an early stage in the monitoring area of the IR camera unit.

The following functions are performed by an IR camera unit IGNIS3D:

  • Early detection and localisation of areas with elevated temperature, such as hotspots, hot surfaces

  • Monitoring of surfaces by measuring current temperatures, temperature curve or temporal changes in temperature

  • Support of firefighting management and optional mobile and/or stationary firefighting

Please contact our project engineers to discuss the exact procedure with you.

IGNIS3D VdS recognition G220008