ARTUS Early Fire Detection is optimised for use in a wide variety of environmental conditions

Through over 20 years of experience, m-u-t has developed hardware and software for early fire detection and fire prevention

Early fire detection to determine a potential hazard

ARTUS-Ex allows for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Act rather than react - detect temperature abnormalities at an early stage

LWIR Systems are ideal for a variety of applications

The waste incineration plant operated by Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich (ERZ) specialises in the extraction of heat and energy

LWIR thermography measures the surface temperature of the object being monitored and can detect heat build-up

The ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling Zürich waste incineration plant specialises in the recycling of household waste and the consequent extraction of heat and energy. It has been operating since 1969 and went through a comprehensive overhaul in 2003. A part of the project was the extension of the waste bunker, in which the waste material is stored until it is used, and the corresponding modernisation of the fire protection equipment in the waste bunker. A requirement was to be able to see, use and monitor all fire protection systems on one control system. In addition, the aim was to also save costs with a coordinated fire protection system: because fires are identified sooner, they do less damage. Also, the fire brigade is called out less frequently. With this scope, m-u-t equipped the facility in 2006 with a new ARTUS LWIR fire detection system. The bunker extension measuring 100m in length, 18m in width and 32 m in height was the same size as a 10-storey block of flats. For observing the large, elongated interstitial spaces, four independent ARTUS thermal imaging cameras were coupled together. All relevant data and alarms converge on an individually configurable information monitor and in the central control room on its large-scale video wall.