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Controlling processes - multi-gas detector

CO2 NDIR sensor - O2 sensor - oxygen sensors

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Methane sensor - methane measurement

NDIR detector - NDIR sensor

Infrared multi gas sensors are based on the principle of non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR). The multi gas sensor uses light of a specific wavelength in the infrared range to illuminate the sample depending on the type of gas to be analyzed. It measures the absorption of light when crossing the sample chamber and indicates the concentration of the gas in the sample chamber. A chemical reaction does not take place in the process, so our multi gas sensors have a long service life and remain stable over the long term. 

The measurement of up to three gases in a single sensor considerably reduces cross-sensitivities (which are otherwise commonplace) not only by adeptly selecting the IR wavelengths, but also via algorithmic incorporation of all measurement channels. Three gases can be combined freely depending on the requirements. CO carbon monoxide, CO2 carbon dioxide, CH4 methane, C2H2 acetylene, C2H4 ethylene or C2H6 ethane are available right now.

The measurement precisions that can be achieved depend on the respective gas combination and the measurement ranges, and can be optimized for the application at hand by suitable calibration.


Sample of Detectable gases, others on request


Measurement range end

Detection limit

CO carbon monoxide

500…5000 ppm

1…10 ppm

CO2 carbon dioxide

500 …10000 ppm

1…10 ppm

CH4 methane

1000…20000 ppm

5…25 ppm

C2H2 acetylene

500…5000 ppm

2…10 ppm

C2H4 ethylene

500…5000 ppm

2…10 ppm

C2H6 ethane

500…5000 ppm

2…10 ppm

Other gases 

On request




Operating temperature

0-50°C, lower temperature ranges increase the precision 


150 mm x 150 mm x 100 mm


2 kg