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m-u-t develops sensor modules to your specifications to exclusively fit your needs. The following standard modules are also available in stock:

The O2-Detector module is a compact and cost-effective gas analyzer based upon the electro-chemical measurement of oxygen concentration. The O2 sensor can be calibrated for the range of 0 to 10 % or 0 to 25 % oxygen. It features a low power input, a large range of supply voltage and a long lifetime of the electrochemical sensor.

The CO2 sensor LC is a microprocessor controlled gas analyzer using non diffractive IR detection (NDIR) for determination of CO2 concentration. This low price CO2 detector is characterized by low power consumption, a wide supply voltage range of 8 V … 15 V and simultaneous integration of current and voltage interface.
A microprocessor controls all necessary functions and performs calculations which allow fast customer specific adaptions by software variations. For our CO2 detector we offer different calibrations for varying concentrations of CO2: 10%, 11%, 30%, and 100%.


O2 Detector Module: for Technical specifications klick here

CO2 Detector Module: for Technical specifications klick here

O2 Sensor und CO2 Sensor Module