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m-u-t develops and manufactures gas sensor modules exactly according your requirements. Several platforms with different concentration ranges and options are available for gaseous ozone (O3) measurement.

1) Type "HR", measuring range 0-20g / Nm3 (1.0Vol%)

2) Type "MR", measuring range 0-1g / Nm3 (510 Vol. ppm)

3) Type "OEM"; measuring range and interfaces exactly according to your requirements

The measurement principle of the m-u-t ozone gas sensors is based on two-beam non-dispersive UV spectroscopy (NDUV).


m-u-t ozone gas sensors use the latest UV LED technology as light source, thus providing the following advantages for your application:

a) very short warm-up time: fast availability of measurement results

b) very low energy consumption: battery operation possible

c) very compact design: portable applications, easy to integrate


Ozon (O3) Gas Sensor - type "HR"
Ozon (O3) Gas Sensor - type "MR"

Ozon (O3) Gassensoren