Carbon dioxide sensor – CO2 sensor

Moisture sensor

Controlling processes - multi-gas detector

CO2 NDIR sensor - O2 sensor - oxygen sensors

Propane sensor - oxygen sensor

Methane sensor - methane measurement

NDIR detector - NDIR sensor

Since the foundation of m-u-t in 1995, we have developed optical measurement systems that cover the wavelength range from UV-VIS-NIR-LWIR. Photonics -- as this field is often called -- stems from the combination of the word ‚photon’ (meaning ‚light quantum’) and the latin suffix –ic (meaning ‚having some characteristics of’). At m-u-t, photonics is synonymous with the field of optoelectronics.

The numerous applications of photonics can be divided up into four general fields:

  • Lighting and displays
  • Industrial process and quality control
  • Information and communication
  • Life sciences (including biophotonics)

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Below are some links to a couple of selected photonic projects:

Diamond electrode technology for water purification
Process Control of UV-Lamp
Optical Tracer Identification of liquids

Zufuhrsysteme für die Spektroskopie
Photonik Lösungen