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Thin film analysis

QSP1) is capable of detecting bacteria and toxins – qualitatively as well as quantitatively, very fast and with a low detection threshold.

Continuous quality control in the industrial production process has established itself firmly by now. For the determination of some measures, the plant operator has to cope with a long time offset.

When sending probes to laboratories a time offset of days or even weeks happens until the relevant results have been received and thus can allow for drawing conclusions about the status of the production process. QSP is an alternative allowing for determining the relevant parameters by analyzing in one’s own quality assurance group or even online in the process. Just the way you are used to with the other parameters in your process.

Whether food products have been contaminated by pollutants (viruses, bacteria, spurs, fungi, pesticides, toxins) or you have to check process water in a modern recycling process (Glyphosat, bacteria, toxins, fungi, pesticides, toxins): the QSP analyzer supports you. Even micro-plastic or nano-plastic can be detected. Early. Exact. Cost-efficient.

Smallest quantities of pollution can destroy large charges. The variety of applications is huge: Ask us about your measurement requirements!

We develop the product to make your automation solution safer and more efficient.

We are specialized on application-specific solutions of measurement tasks jointly with you. You are the expert on your application; we contribute technology- and realization competence. We produce the products according to highest quality standards and manage the whole life cycle for you.  


1) QSP: Quantitative highest Sensitivity Particle measurement

QSP in production process