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m-u-t has developed a complete system for process control and traceability for a leading manufacturer of systems for reprocessing flexible endoscopes. With it, m-u-t has covered the full range of solutions covered:

  • Mechanical design
  • Development of control system (electronics and Software)
  • Product documentation for the customer’s regulatory requirements (e.g. CE certification)
  • Serial production of the module at the Wedel site

The key component is a Controller System which controls and documents each processing. Part of the system is a smart solution, based on RFID technology. The RFID antennas, which identify the instruments inside the reprocessing system and the associated RFID transponder, which are developed individually for all standard flexible endoscopes, are made by m-u-t. These, plus a wide range of adapters, antennas or printers are manufactured and supplied by m-u-t to our successful OEM customer.

Prozesskontrolle in der Instrumentenaufbereitung