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QSP1)can detect bacteria and toxins – qualitatively as well as quantitatively, very fast and with a low detection threshold.

Base of this technology is a extremely sensitive particle detector which works like a light barrier on molecular level. It determines quantity and size of particles (20 nm down to 5 µm) in a probe. The theoretical threshold is 10 fg/l. In combination with magnetic nano-particles which we cover with anti-bodies we are able to create tests  like a sandwich ELISA test on a molecular level with test results within minutes. the actual developed system is a certified protein analyzer for laboratory use. It is possible to develop subsystems for your application based on this technology

There are many application fields for the QSP procedure in many markets. Automatic control of the protein level for quality control in reprocessing processes or very interesting possibilities in diagnostics are only two examples. Especially in the medical and diagnostic field great chances can be encountered together with m-u-t.

If you are facing a measurement task where QSP might be suitable, do not hesitate to contact us. We are specialized on application-specific solutions of measurement tasks. You are the expert on your application; we contribute technology- and realization competence. We produce the products according to highest quality standards and manage the whole life cycle for you. 


1) Quantitative highest Sensitive Particle measurement

QSP in medical