Railway vehicles will have an operational life of 30 years or more – we will support you with our products for a lifetime

We ensure reliable operation under tough conditions in the railway sector

We constantly adapt our products to the new regulatory requirements

With our know-how, new technology is available earlier and is more cost effective for you and your customers

The ICB system combines the advantages of PCB technology and the performance of the MLC controller. Unbeatable quality and efficient power electronics for rail traffic result from the combination of faster and more reliable backup application development using modular system controllers and the most cost-effective, highest levels of manufacturing quality PCB technology. An almost unlimited variety of standardised solutions in the area of application in rail vehicles can be solved with ICB technology. The MLC automation system is an integral part of 'wire free' PCB technology. Complete control systems can be automatically tested prior to installation.

With all these advantages, a high degree of flexibility is maintained. Optional enhancements on both the hardware and software can be implemented at any time through the use of a modular controller system.

Compliance according to the relevant standards for rail vehicles is ensured.

Steuertafel mit integrierten Controllern ICB