Railway vehicles will have an operational life of 30 years or more – we will support you with our products for a lifetime

We ensure reliable operation under tough conditions in the railway sector

We constantly adapt our products to the new regulatory requirements

With our know-how, new technology is available earlier and is more cost effective for you and your customers

Our pushbutton for WC flushing, emergency, door opening and closing for the passenger in toilet compartments meets the requirements for interoperability (TSI) and physically disabled persons (PRM). Proven features like constant LED brightness during voltage fluctuation, tactile symbols, Braille and the use of redundant short-stroke keys ensure reliable operation under the usual tough conditions in the rail sector. Innovations such as integrated electronics with state machines and timers to reduce wiring costs and installation space on your control panel. Other innovations include our non-contact optical reflex sensors that meet the hygiene standards of toilet users. With a freely customisable slide design, the vehicle operator is free to choose their colour requirements and symbols. In the same design as the button you will receive our display modules of the WA46 series with highly customisable slide design and extremely durable LEDs.


Data sheet WT40

Data sheet WTCH 102 german

Control element german

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Bedienelemente Taster WT40