Railway vehicles will have an operational life of 30 years or more – we will support you with our products for a lifetime

We ensure reliable operation under tough conditions in the railway sector

We constantly adapt our products to the new regulatory requirements

With our know-how, new technology is available earlier and is more cost effective for you and your customers

m-u-t GmbH, in their many years of experience of switchboard construction for train systems, has developed alternatives to manually wired switchboards, which have already proved to be the most efficient design for medium quantities through increased product quality and reliability. PCB (printed circuit board) technology replaces loose wire strands circuit board technology for electronics. At the same time, installation space and weight can be saved with PCB technology. Incorrectly attached or missing wires belong in the past, there are no costs for troubleshooting, inspection or repairs.

Integrated, passive components such as relays, connectors or LEDs can be installed upon request.

Whether by remote control of individual components or central train control: everything is possible.

PCB technology is manufactured according to the standards and guidelines for rail vehicles.

Steuertafeln PCB